Mary and Jesus

A girl of fifteen was informed she’s “with child,”

Her response was…”but I know not man,”

Angel Gabriel told her to “be not afraid,”

Through the SPIRIT, she was part of GOD’S plan.

She said she’s the HANDMAIDEN of the Lord,

That she ACCEPTED that HIS WILL be done.

Then traveled to cousin Elizabeth’s home,

Who also was having a son.


It showed her COMPASSION to help someone else,

A quality we all need to acquire,

Her commitment to be a good mother…serve God,

Were truly her life’s work….desire.

When Jesus was lost in the temple,

As a mother, her heart skipped a beat,

During his life she took care of her son,

She was there for all His needs to meet.

Then one day she witnessed His torture,

And she followed as His cross He’d bear,

The bond of love between mother and child,

He knew she would always be there.


She felt the pain and humiliation He bore,

And CRIED at the foot of the cross,

The tears of a mother, who just lost a child,

She taught us to FEEL the great loss.

During his agony Jesus WEPT…said the words,

“Not my will but Thine be done”,

The same that MARY had said in response,

When she learned she was having a son.

MARY and JESUS BOTH taught us the lessons,

To acknowledge our feelings each day,

And turn our will and lives over to God,

They were ROLE MODELS who showed us the way.



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