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Daily Messages of Hope - Hope Ulch Brown

Hope has authored four books with thoughts that she believes were “inspired by God” and she is simply an “instrument” of His peace.”

The source of her wisdom is from being a member of a 12-Step Program for families and friends of alcoholics/addicts for over thirty years; her FAITH, church and choir; her parents, family and friends. There were other role models, and her parochial education and the VALUES with which she was raised, all contributed. They are based on the premise…”Let Go and Let God” and “Keep It Simple.”

She shares her experience, strength, and “hope” in inspirational messages full of love, wisdom, recovery, positive thinking and coping skills. They encompass spirituality and recovery from addiction and codependency. Her books are a great gift to others …. and also YOURSELF.

To order contact Hope at (248) 683-6890 for discounted prices

232 Messages Cover

232 Messages of Hope … Lessons Learned
$15.00 each or 2/$25.00
Shipping/Handling (add $2.50 per book)

Recovery – Food for the Soul
$12.00 each or 2/$20.00
Shipping/Handling (add $2.50 per book)

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